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Getting There

Be whisked away on this exciting transformation journey with our weekly progress update.

Week 1-4

Like many similar projects, placing the scaffolds and nettings is the first step in our renovation programme. 

Week 5

Before disposing the used hotel furniture, we always think of donating them first. A big thank you to Crossroads Foundation Hong Kong, which will help us to redistribute the goods to people in need, locally and internationally.


Week 6-13

The hotel is fully covered with nettings - and that means we are getting closer to our refreshed new look!
酒店現正被圍網完全覆蓋 - 這也意味著我們離新貌不遠了!

Week 14

Before we move on to the next chapter, we invite the public to the showcase with the memorabilia from the past 48 years. Open for public from now to September 30, 2022 in the ground floor and lobby of the hotel, the Sheraton Showcase displays some of the major items that are relevant to the history of the hotel.
在邁向新里程之際 ,香港喜來登酒店希望透過「蜕變」這個主題帶所有客人重溫香港喜來登酒店近半世紀的時光。 由現在起至2022年9月30日,客人可於酒店地面及大堂樓層一覽多個不同的展品。

Week 15

Get to know our staff at the Sheraton Showcase as they shared their extraordinary stories of the hotel over the years.